Vera Bella, a magnificent actress, finds herself disfigured following a car accident—a tragic fate. After her operation, she seeks solace in her seaside manor, despite the fact that it’s midwinter. She covers her face with a mask. She finds herself confronted by her past and her demons. She begins seeing strange apparitions and haunting images. Her life is omnipresent within the very walls, and her ghost pursues her all the way to the seaside cliffs.

The framework is solid for this short film and it was well-received at the Festival Gérardmer. Suspenseful, chilling, frightening, atmospheric; the images are beautiful and captivating. A tribute to beauty and ugliness in a society obsessed with image, Le Miroir, directed by Sébastien Rossignol, offers us a glimpse into a shattered destiny. Nicolas Bary produced this film adapted from a short story that he read as a teenager, and entrusted the direction to a friend and fellow director.

Directing : Sébastien ROSSIGNOL
Script : Benjamin MILLECAMPS and Sébastien ROSSIGNOL from the novella of Claude SEIGNOLLE
Type: Short film, drama
Actors : Sophie Charlotte HUSSON, Isabelle DE HERTOGH, Marie-Béatrice DARDENNE
Year : 2010
Time : 15 mn
TV diffusion : Orange Cinéma Séries