Bandeau Judas

A glimpse into the past. An evening of whimsy—costumes, laughter, frivolity, amusement. A couple reconnects and proclaims their love for one another. They long to flee, together, from a despotic regime. But during this time period, deserters are treated as traitors and their legs are cut off. What are the lovers to do? They risk it. And there’s nothing left but memories—whole—and half of a body, very much still alive. In their museum-apartment, one hears the laughter of characters preserved forever in the Belle Epoque. Love is nostalgic, forsaken, despondent. She is gone and he is left, alone, keeping vigil over his secret world in order keep her alive in the eternity of his memory. An eccentric short film—picturesque, dark and tragic. The impassioned emotions and dramatic décor plunge the viewer into a unique world of fantasy.

Title : JUDAS
Directing :
Nicolas BARY
Type :
Short film, science fiction and comedy drama
Actos :
Jean-Pierre CASSEL, Delphine SERINA, Romain RONDEAU
Year :
Time :
17 mn