Bandeau Fragile 1

Everything had been going so well for Raphael. A job interview, a winning scratch-off lottery ticket and a gorgeous woman. But he stumbles into the path of violence, and from that moment his happiness rips at the seams. He picks himself up from the knockout and leaves in a bad way. His job interview is a tyrannical satire. He leaves, shaken, and falls into a vicious downward spiral, his day marked by madness and folly. His meetings with other people are bizarre. In the course of one day, he will lose everything: his job, his girlfriend, his life. End of the lottery. Fragile is a short film with a dark, crazy, anxiety-inducing atmosphere. Shades of brown are revisited and evoke the style of Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Script and directing : Nicolas BARY
Type : Short film, comedy
Actors : Emni BLAKCORI, Jean-Claude DREYFUS, Régis ROMELE
Year : 2004
Time : 20 mn