In a futuristic era, a couple is fighting surviving in a converted bunker. Eve, the last woman left in a world of concrete, is equipped with gas masks that protect the wearer from toxic air particles. Her partner does not survive. She is left to defend herself all alone in a dystopian society, becoming a true machine of self-preservation. Distraught, on edge, she succeeds in keeping a cool head. When vegetation begins to grow once again in the bunker, life gives her the chance to savor the fragrance of the first flower. Les Partenaires is producing this short 3D science fiction film by Eric Gandois. A chilling, captivating thriller and a modern ode to survival, featuring Delphine Chanéac.

Title : EVE
Script and direction : Eric GANDOIS
Year : 2013
Time : 5′
Type : Short film, science fiction
Actress : Delphine CHANEAC

– International fantasticarts festival (Gerardmer – France) – mention honorifique
– Effets Stars (Aigues-mortes – France)
– Firstglance film fest (Los Angeles – USA) – juin 2014
– BEFilm Festival (New-York – USA) – avril 2014
– 3D film Festival (Lodz – Poland)
– New Media Film Festival (Los Angleles – USA)
– Hallucinations collectives hors compétition – ouverture du festival  (Lyon – France)
– City of Lights, City of Angels (Los Angeles) – avril 2014



Vera Bella, a magnificent actress, finds herself disfigured following a car accident—a tragic fate. After her operation, she seeks solace in her seaside manor, despite the fact that it’s midwinter. She covers her face with a mask. She finds herself confronted by her past and her demons. She begins seeing strange apparitions and haunting images. Her life is omnipresent within the very walls, and her ghost pursues her all the way to the seaside cliffs.

The framework is solid for this short film and it was well-received at the Festival Gérardmer. Suspenseful, chilling, frightening, atmospheric; the images are beautiful and captivating. A tribute to beauty and ugliness in a society obsessed with image, Le Miroir, directed by Sébastien Rossignol, offers us a glimpse into a shattered destiny. Nicolas Bary produced this film adapted from a short story that he read as a teenager, and entrusted the direction to a friend and fellow director.

Directing : Sébastien ROSSIGNOL
Script : Benjamin MILLECAMPS and Sébastien ROSSIGNOL from the novella of Claude SEIGNOLLE
Type: Short film, drama
Actors : Sophie Charlotte HUSSON, Isabelle DE HERTOGH, Marie-Béatrice DARDENNE
Year : 2010
Time : 15 mn
TV diffusion : Orange Cinéma Séries



It is with only the finest equipment that the determined Louis Skellington envisions the best way to end his life. He quickly thinks back on all of his failures in life, and sees, laid out on a table, in a state of surreal hopelessness, all of the different objects that will help him achieve his goal. A gas cylinder, a piece of rope, bleach, razor blades… he has the means. The question is: which should he use to minimize his suffering? Nicolas Bary produced this dark but humorous short film, directed by Olivier Riffard. The disillusioned Skellington is played by François Levantal, a true feat of acting achieved in 5 minutes.

Directing : Olivier RIFFARD
Original script: Olivier RIFFARD
Year : 2009
Time : 4’
Type : Short film, dark comedy
Actor : François LEVANTAL
TV diffusion: 13ème Rue
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9e recontres du Cinéma Européen – VANNES – FRANCE « PRIX DU JURY JEUNE »
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